Day 15




president of Ministry Training Network

...and they will return to the Lord, and He will listen to their pleas for mercy and heal them.

Isaiah 19:22 ESV

Recently we were with a group of people who were seeking healing. After praying for one another, God immediately healed many. A few remained whose healing had not yet physically manifested. Curious and disappointed, Juma, a young Muslim man suffering from malaria, asked why he hadn’t been healed.  After sensing a genuine desire to understand, I shared three principles from Scripture that, when lived out, align us with God’s will and power:

Repent. Prov. 3:7-8 instructs us that allowing the Holy Spirit to change our mind about our situation and heart condition is necessary and healthy.

  1. Honor His presence. Matt. 13 teaches that miracles can’t occur where there is dishonor and unbelief. Bless the Lord, remember His goodness and thank Him for His forgiveness, healing, redemption, kindness and mercy (Ps. 103:2-4).

  2. Boldly ask in faith. Luke 5:17. Do not hesitate to ask, because “the power of the Lord was present to heal ...”

I quickly prayed Mark 1:41 over Juma, that he would be cleansed of the malaria. God immediately demonstrated His supernatural compassion and healing. Several days later, Juma surrendered his life to Jesus.


  1. Repent of any sin that is keeping you from the heart of God.

  2. Thank God for His forgiveness, healing and deliverance. Honor His goodness in your prayers.

  3. Ask boldly for the healing desired, praying for God’s will in all situations. Remember Luke 18:1— even if you’ve asked before, ask afresh today, and don’t lose heart!



Shannon and Joseph (extended members of theBridge) serve as founders and directors of Global Outreach Foundation (GOF).  GOF helps overcome one of the greatest challenges of missionary evangelists — balancing the requirements of running a ministry with actually “doing” ministry. With GOF providing spiritual, financial, and doctrinal accountability for its missionaries and facilitating donor communications, GOF missionaries are better equipped to focus on the numerous evangelistic, discipleship, education and humanitarian projects they are involved in each year around the world.  Through this ministry, over 600,000 people have made decisions for Jesus and more than 500,000 have been baptized in the Spirit. 


  1. Pray for Joseph & Shannon as they lead to hear, discern, and carry out the voice of God on their lives.

  2. Pray for the missionaries and their families that serve under GOF.  Pray for provision and support.

  3. Pray for Joseph and Shannon as they are planting a church in the Denver area, for a home, and to be settled as they have been nomads since they left West Virginia in July.