Day 17




area missionary to the South Pacific with Foursquare Missions International

And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.

James 5:15 NKJV

Once I was returning home from a ministry trip to Amsterdam. As soon as I set foot at the Dubai, UAE, airport, I had a prompting from the Holy Spirit that there was a man dying nearby.

I asked the Lord to guide me to the man and kept walking by faith. After about 20 minutes, I saw a man seated alone on a chair with his head drooping very low. I walked up and told him that I had been told that he needed help. He said that yes, he was dying, and that he could not breathe. I told the man not to panic, and I led him in the Sinner’s Prayer. I placed my hands on him and spoke healing to him. He was rejuvenated immediately, and started thanking me and smiling. Oh, praise God for healing us in His atonement. We must stand on the completed work of Jesus on the cross and boldly minister to the sick. We will be pleasantly surprised by what God will do in answer to our prayers (John 8:28-29).


  1. Pray that the Lord would strengthen your faith to pray for the sick.

  2. Pray that you would see many healed in your church today.

  3. Thank God for His total healing and atonement, and ask Him for grace and mercy for those suffering.



Randy and Cherie Reed are working towards planting a missional community in Inwood, WV.  Randy served on staff at theBridge for 10 years before God called them to start a new endeavor in an amazing community. The Reeds are excited about their missional community because they know God is leading them to focus on their neighbors and community by living life together to bring Jesus glory. 

We will live life side by side those we disciple. We can’t wait to love and care for the people God plants us close to in order for Him to change their lives and the lives within the community. Pastor Randy Reed


  1. Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to guide the Reed's path and hearts.

  2. Pray for favor in the housing purchasing/ building process.

  3. Pray for hearts of future neighbors and the community to be prepared and ready for Him!