Luke 14

Luke 14:11

“For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”


I remember in grade school when being the fastest was the only thing that mattered! It was so important to win and be the best! I’m thankful it’s not like that anymore. I can barely walk and talk without running out of breath. However, we still fight for position sometimes in this world. But there is a better way!


I simply love how the Bible teaches us God’s principles! In Luke 14, Jesus teaches about humility. That’s always a crowd pleasing message! And in this instance, Jesus is teaching humility to people who need it in the moment. He along with others were preparing to sit for a meal together, and there was some fighting to sit in a place of honor at the table. So he goes on to explain a perspective that is outside of their understanding; outside the normal cultural thing to do. Jesus says it is better to be humble, to let others have the best first. When you do, then, you’ll be exalted.


Are you still trying to win races and be #1? God’s doesn’t expect a winner. As a matter of fact, He wants you to let others go before you: let others win. He wants us to humble ourselves so others feel loved, appreciated, and exalted. When we open our hearts to follow this principle of humility, then, we too will be exalted… by Almighty God.


Let’s together look for ways to humble ourselves and serve others.


-Pastor Randy Reed