Luke 20

Luke 20 Devotional

by Steve Stupar

S: Luke 20:26 “They were unable to trap him in what he had said there in public. And astonished by his answer they became silent.”

O: When Jesus is questioned about certain topics throughout the New Testament, he always seemed to have the right answer. Why is that? Jesus was in tune with the Father’s desires. Jesus had a desire to provide an answer that glorified God in all situations. When the Sadducees and others questioned him, he provided a response that didn’t conform to their expectations. He gave them parables and questions that made people think and begin to question their own ways of thinking. To the point in verses 39-40 where it says, “Some of the teachers of the law responded, ‘Well said, teacher!’ And no one dared to ask him any more questions. I want to be able to respond to others with the truth and love that Jesus did.

A: We live in a world that is longing for answers to questions that only God can provide. With shootings and natural disasters, the world is looking for an answer as to why. I want to challenge you to find biblical answers to today’s tough questions. The bible tells us to be ready to provide defense for what we believe in. It’s time to start being serious about our desire to show God’s truth in all, and I mean all, situations. Giving the right answer to someone has to start with love though. The world isn’t always ready for a brass biblical answer. It takes having relationships and showing someone, the love of God before telling them they have to love God. 

P: Dear lord, I pray that as we go about our weeks you would give us opportunities to share your truth with others. I ask that you would enlighten us to the answers you would have us give others and have them be biblical answers that can only come from the creator of truth. Let us be patient and kind in a world that seems to have lost its compassion for others.