Luke 21

Luke 21

by Jake Cordell


S - Luke 21:1-4 NLT 


O - Jesus was people watching.  There were people that were giving out of their surplus, but then there was this widow.  She dropped in just 2 coins.  These two coins weren’t going to cover the ministry costs.  These two coins weren’t going to change how ministry would be done. However, with those two coins, according to Jesus, she gave more than all the rest of them!  Jesus is constantly doing that!  He flips the rules mid-game.  The people that were dropping the big gifts were the ones getting the accolades, but her gift came at a high price.


A - Jesus isn’t looking for the leftovers from our abundance.  He is looking for our heart.  God is a selfish God!  He wants us all to Himself.  Are we any different as parents or with our spouses?  How many parents struggle as their kids get older because their kids are caught between them and their friends.  Many of us don’t worship other gods in the traditional sense, but many of us have idols that we put before God.

- Sports.  How many sporting events do we watch, attend or follow versus how much time do we spend with God?

- Television.  How is it so easy to binge watch a whole season of your favorite show, but so difficult to read a book of the Bible?

- Our children.  Pastor Jake, you have gone too far!  Do your kids have priority in your life over your relationship with God?

- Our stuff.  Does our stuff control us?  Do you live beyond your means?  Most of us have more than two coins.  Many of us give (less than 10%).  Some of us tithe (10%), but very few of us give offerings (above 10%).  This lady gave two coins, but it was an offering from her heart.  It was all she had!


Jesus asks for the whole enchilada.  He wants all of us.  Our hearts.  Our calendars.  Our checkbooks.  It isn’t the quantity - it is the quality!  If you could take a step back and look at your life from an outward experience, does He have you?  Are we like the widow who gave it all or are we like the rich people who only give out of our surplus?


P - God,Help us in our thinking and processing.  Today, may we become Yours!  Not just in title, but in how we live our lives.  May our lives look like the widow who gave everything!

In Jesus name, Amen.