Luke 19

Luke 19

Lost and Found


S:“For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.” Luke 19:10 NLT


O: Jesus didn't come to appease the religious crowd. Jesus didn't come to pander to the aristocracy. Jesus didn't come to hang out with the party crowd. His mission was simple.  Jesus entered the world to save sinners.  Looking at the Gospels, we see Jesus reach out to men and women, children and the elderly, the rich and the poor, demon possessed and the spiritually mature.  Lost people come in all walks of life.  And He came for them all.  And 2000 years later His mission still stands…to seek and save the lost.


A: Following Christ means that I follow His mission for my life.  And that means that my willingness to interact with people from all walks of life has to mirror Jesus’ heart for all people.  This means developing relationships with people that aren't like me.  At times we can insulate ourselves with like-minded people who look like us, have similar interests, etc.  This points to our desire for comfort and safety.  And looking at the world and the division that seems so prevalent right now, you have to wonder how much of this could be improved if believers begin to take the risk of engaging with outsiders instead of judging or retreating to our bubbles of safety.  


P: Father, you sent your Son into this world to seek and save sinners.  May we follow in his footsteps and continue to focus on the lost.  May we lay down our preferences for your Kingdom’s sake and for the sake of lost souls that are desperate for the truth.  Lord, give us a boldness that is unafraid of people and places and situations that are different from our backgrounds.  May we have a heart for the lost that outweighs our comfort so that all might know the salvation that comes through faith in your Son.  In His Beautiful Name, Amen.