Hello Bridge Family!

September has arrived.  Soon, leaves will begin to change and fall, stores shelves and coffee shops will begin peddling pumpkin spice everything, and football will kick off!  As a church we also wanted to use this month to try something new, to turn over a new leaf (pun intended).  Starting this month, the leadership team will begin sharing devotional content twice a week on Monday and Friday.

We will be covering the Gospel of Luke, which consists of 24 chapters.  Although not specifically named in the book, other than the title, evidence shows that the book was written by Luke.  A Gentile by birth, Luke was well versed in Greek culture and he was a physician by trade.  The Gospel is addressed to Theophilus (v. 1:3), whose name means “one who loves God”.  Although it was written to this individual its purpose was much broader and strengthened the faith of all believers and still does today.  Another strong theme of this book was to illustrate the legitimacy of Gentile Christians.  Luke wanted to let the world know that Gentiles were also a part of God’s plan and that they were validated through the work and teachings of Christ.

This Gospel emphasizes the work and teaching of Christ that are especially important for understanding the way of salvation.  It covers the life of Christ from birth to ascension and is well known for its organization and the quality of Luke’s writing.  It is a great book to start with, whether you’re a new believer who has rarely opened a bible or a seasoned saint who has gone cover to cover many times. 

As a leadership team our first and primary goal in sharing these devotional posts is to encourage our church body to engage with the Word of God.  We truly desire to stimulate a deeper hunger across the entire church family for the Bible, for Jesus, for the Bread of Life.  Another hope is that the devotional content will give new insights and techniques for diving deeper into scripture.  As content gets posted each Monday and Friday, please engage and interact with us on Facebook, via e-mail, or in the welcome room on Sunday mornings.  The first post will be released on Monday, September 4.  Please read through Luke 1 sometime before then to see what God speaks to you about John the Baptist and Jesus, Mary and Elizabeth, or maybe about Gabriel hitting the mute button on Zechariah.  May His Word draw us together as we get to know Him more!

- theBridge Leadership Team