Luke 7

Luke 7 – Sept 25 by Randy Reed


“One of the Pharisees asked Jesus to have dinner with him, so Jesus went to his home and sat down to eat.” Luke 7:36


Jesus wasn’t afraid or ashamed to accept an invitation to dinner from someone like a Pharisee.


As Christians, we may feel like we should distance ourselves from non-believers and those we know to live ungodly lives. We may have even been taught this way of life once we’ve accepted Jesus as our savior. But Jesus shows us here in Luke 7:36 we can and should live close to those not yet saved. Since we have the same spirit in us that rose Jesus from the tomb(Romans 8:11), we don’t have to fear AND should be ready for God to shine through us into others’ lives.


Lord, help us to understand your ways. Teach us to love everyone! Holy Spirit, give us courage and the words to speak into the lives of those around us.