Pastoral Team

Jake Cordell

Lead Pastor
Jake grew up in Concord, North Carolina and has lived in Charles Town since 2015.  He enjoys being with his family, reading historical biographies, Slurpees, running and playing Frisbee golf.  He loves hanging out with his wife, coaching his kids’ teams, and wrestling with his kids (until one of them gets hurt)!

Lindsay Cordell

Co-Lead Pastor
Lindsay grew up in Gastonia, North Carolina and has lived in Charles Town since 2015. She enjoys spending the day at the river and working out with friends. She loves cooking, painting, decorating, and is pretty much ok with being known as the “crazy plant lady.” She is always ready to explore new places in this beautiful state of West Virginia (it’s a bonus if those places include local nurseries for more plants!)

Joel Pyron

Executive Associate Pastor
Joel was raised in Ventura, California. He joined theBridge in the spring of 2020. One of the things he loves about West Virginia is its deep historical roots. Joel’s love language is anything that involves sports- golf, running, basketball and even lawn sports. He enjoys sushi and peach cobbler (just not together). In his spare time he can be found going on local adventures with his family.  

Apprentice Team

Michelle Acly

NextGen Apprentice/Children's Director
Michelle grew up in Westminster, Maryland. She is currently continuing her education at LPU VA; where she is completing her BA with a major in Ministry and Leadership. She is very excited to be in Jefferson County working with NextGen here at theBridge. She loves telling jokes and puns because she enjoy's making other people smile and laugh. Her favorite foods and beverage are coffee, cheese, and dark chocolate. She also enjoy's hiking and seeing God’s beautiful creation.

Isaiah Acly

Youth Apprentice
Isaiah grew up in Charles Town. He was adopted in 2010 and enjoyed being with family and friends. He loves playing guitar and drums; with his favorite foods being bacon cheeseburgers and Philly cheesesteaks

Ryan James

Pastoral Apprentice
Ryan grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania, and has lived in Ranson since 2015.  He enjoys all things geeky and nerdy and spending time with his family.  He has spent the last 16 years in the Army and working IT for the government and is excited to begin this new calling from God.

Ministry Team

April Duffey

Connections Director
April grew up in Jefferson County and moved back here with her own family as an adult. She has been attending theBridge since 2016- which her youngest daughter says is "Mom's favorite place!" April also loves playing outdoors- hiking, camping, geocaching, and river time all bring her joy. And she is always up for hanging out with friends over yummy food!

Jennifer Satterlee

Missions and Community Director
Jennifer loves to spend time with family and friends over a good meal or even just a good cup of coffee.  She loves to read, geek out over a good super hero or sci-fi movie and always wishes her toes were in the sand. When she isn't at home hanging out with her favorite people she is out trying to find the cure for her wanderlust.

Kate Acly

Group Coordinator/Nursery Director
Kate has been living in West Virginia for over 35 years. She and her husband James are raising 18 kids. She loves walking, journaling, and going to church. She’s an avid gatherer of people and loves having fun. Her motto is, “The more the merrier!”

Kim Pyron

Communications Director
Kim grew up in a small town, Idalia, Colorado. Her favorite foods are steak and vegetables and loves to cook for her family and friends. She enjoys the outdoors and especially loves all the hiking trails close by. Playing board games, drinking coffee and talking with friends are some of her favorite things.

Melissa Carter

Executive Administrative Assistant
Melissa grew up in Warrenton, Virginia, and moved to Charles Town in 2006. The role of wife and Mommy brings her greatest joy. When she is not driving her kids to sporting events, she loves running, crafting, cooking, and being outdoors.